Thr3e Live Dance Company strives to be a cultural resource for the urban dance entertainment and arts community in Rhode Island. Providence is known as the creative arts capital in the state, therefore, we want this company to provide for some, and introduce to others, dance training, workshops, master classes and showcase this part of the urban arts.


Create an environment where dancers of any style and people of all walks of life can create, spectate, entertain, pursue or experience DANCE.


Provide Industry level training for all styles of dance.


Be role models, train and develop young dancers and underserved youth.


Showcase and expand the talent in Rhode Island to become a standard in the dance scene on the East Coast.


Use our experience to mentor artists and guide them on the right path to pursue a career in dance!




"Tucked off busy Plainfield Street, in a modest two-story building, is found the newest, most dynamic addition to the growing dance scene in Rhode Island, the studio of Thr3e Live Dance Company. The energy in this newly renovated studio is palatable as soon as you walk into that modest-looking building and climb its wide staircase ~ it is hard not to get immediately swept up in the rhythm of the music that is pulsing around its spacious dance floor. The excitement here is matched only by the happy laughter of a small group of dedicated dancers who are waiting for their Hip-Hop class to begin.

Thr3e Live Dance Company’s studio may be new to Rhode Island, but the company itself is hardly unfamiliar to the many fans who follow its founders Thomas “Tjay” Martino and Dennis “DJ” Leggett. Tjay and DJ began their dance careers in Providence as urban street dancers, performing a dance style known as “krumping.” This dance style, which was created and rose to popularity in the 1990’s, is characterized by its bold, expressive, exaggerated and high-energy movements. Though they had been dancing their signature style since 2007, Thomas and Dennis actually formed their group, Thr3e Live Dance Company, in 2012. They have even taught and performed overseas in Japan and Ukraine.

In 2015 they joined forces with the creative geniuses of Edgar Viloria and Anisha Gibbs (who brought the company to it’s professional, “industry-level” caliber), along with fellow dancer, instructor and marketing director Nikki Gyftopoulos, to bring their considerable talents and experience to this new studio. The long-term goal of this eclectic group is to not only inspire would-be dancers such as those attending their hip-hop classes, but ultimately to reach the many underprivileged students who share their passion for dance and yet lack the means to pursue those dreams on their own. Dance has refined and matured the founders of this dance company and has given them a mission and a purpose ~ it is their heartfelt desire to help others realize their passions as well."

-Excerpt from the "Johnston Sunrise" May 2016.